Canadian Viagra: Magnetic Treatment

If your stomach aches, boil a little yarrow. To get rid of the cough, boil a little blue gentian.

If my friend has troubles, suffers, I will tell him to take by three fingers a little flowers of wormwood, put it in a pot for five minutes to popple and every day for 10 days to drink a cup of wormwood and he will improve his state at 75% for sure. He shall drink it without sugar.

If you have a toothache, boil walnut leaves and rinse your gums with this water.

Note all plants, of which the corollas of the flower are five. Their effect is laxative. So, the number 5 is a label, showing some properties.

If an entire year you eat nettles, your hair will become black.

When you do not feel well, take on the tip of a knife ash of burnt maple, put it into a cup of hot water and when it settles down, drink the water.

Through flowers, plants, fruits, trees, people heal themselves, connect with their magical powers. In every garden there shall be a bed of garlic, onion, and parsley. Their healing properties are enormous.

Flowers are remedies for many diseases. For example, the clove treats certain nerve diseases. The rose cures other diseases. The crocus, snowdrop, dahlia and all flowers cure known diseases and at the same time maintain and educate respectively each flower and virtue.

Flowers have a healing power. It is well one, who is anemic, to grow red flowers. The red contains a magnetic power that energizes the nervous system. If someone has no faith, he has to grow blue flowers.

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To be healthy, plant flowers in pots or in your garden, and grow them. Also plant fruit trees and vegetables, study them in order to benefit from the powers that they have. Walk barefoot during the summer for 1-2 hours along the grass and stones.

You may recover from your indisposition if you have a flower garden with various flowers, if you have an orchard and a vegetable garden and take care of them. If you are anemic, you shall grow cherries. If your faith is weak, you shall take care of cabbage. These are external formulas for strengthening, for energy, for peace.

Fragrant substances, which the flowers of the carnation have, may be used as a remedy, but till a certain dose. The rose and carnations shall be smelled from afar.

If your eyes are weak from anxieties and troubles, look at yellow flowers.


There is a magnetic school, in which patients are treated through passes. During that magnetic treatment, when the patient begins to take treatments, his state first worsens, he passes through a terrible crisis, and then an improvement comes; then another crisis – again improvement, again crisis, again improvement. The crises decrease and when the last crisis comes, the disease will go back.

When a doctor treats a patient in a magnetic way, above all, he must be strong and in good moods, not to succumb to the ill states of the patient that is so close to him. The patient will also take some of the energies of the doctor, who is healthy, after which a struggle occurs in his organism, at the end of which conscious life awakens in the cells of the body. Then, after receiving the necessary building material, the cells begin to weld the ill places in the body.