Canadian Viagra: Your organism

The first thing noticed in our organisms is that there is an order in them, mutuality during the common activity and harmony between all workers, who know their activities very well. Private goals are not pursued in organism. Human-BodyOne common goal is pursued there – one common welfare, which makes man happy. The secret of the mutual success is here. There is no self-will in that organism. There are no random acts. Unity rules in it. And when one of the neighbour cells gets ill and suffers, all other cells sympathize and are in a hurry to eliminate evil in any way. Everything inside man is distributed by mathematical preciseness and as long as it exists, the powers in the organism balance each other and form that harmony, which we call health care store in Canada.

The prevailing character features give the form of the ear, the form of the eyes, of the eyebrows, of the hair – thin or thick, of the fingers – short or long.

The composition of the saliva changes every minute and defines the changes that happen in man’s psyche. This is a science, which will be studied in future.

In one of his messages Paul says: “I service to sin by my flesh and to the law of Love – by my soul. Who will rescue me from that situation?” No one will rescue him. He will serve both his flesh and his soul.

As long as you have flesh, you will eat, sleep, and work.

As long as you have soul, you will work with it in the spiritual and in the Divine worlds.

Voluntarily or by force, man serves both his flesh and his soul.

It does not matter what is said and what is written in the sacred books. It is not possible man to get rid of his nature. The struggle between flesh and soul has always existed and will exist. Life of soul and life of flesh, no matter how opposed to each other they are, are in an equal way necessary for the human development.

Without the life of the flesh, there will be no development. Do not be afraid of flesh, but try to make it be of service to the spirit. Train your flesh in each respect.

According to the Hindus “akasha” is something, which fills the entire space and exists eternally. All forms are created of it. It is something that stands still at one place. It looks like a great aristocrat, who does not work, but always rests. The second essence is “prana”, which exists eternally. This is the power, from which electricity and magnetism come out. It creates their forms. Ether, air, water, comets, all planets come out from prana and akasha. Something else, which we do not know what it is, what its essence is, stand behind prana and akasha. In order man to get benefit of prana, he shall study its laws, because various diseases like headache, tuberculosis, bad digestion, etc. come out from bad distribution of prana in human body.

If it is not well distributed in muscles, rheumatism fever occurs.

The science of prana aims at distributing that energy equally between all organs and cells, in order they not to suffer. Man cannot have healthy organism if he does not understand the laws of prana. With regard to this, breathing is nothing else, but a major method for accumulation of prana. Why shall man do things in a right way? In order he to gather prana and use it in a right way.

If mind, heart and will do not work in the way they have to, you will be deprived of the prana, which you need.